Tech Entrepreneurship Impact

Join a school for path-makers, problem solvers, purpose seekers and those looking for meaningful careers in tech.

Our programs equip you with the skills you need to thrive

Our immersive and rigorous programs on campus are the starting point of a lifelong journey for Seedstars Academy Astraunauts.

Since 2013, Seedstars has worked with over 9000 socially conscious learners, entrepreneurs, investors, and change-makers for the 21st century, who belong to a global, high-achieving, and diverse community spanning over 90 countries.

At Seedstars Academy, learn how to learn, nurture your creativity, become a complex problems solver, think critically, refine your emotional intelligence, sharpen your data-based decision-making, widen your negotiation skills, etc.

Our awesome features

What Does It Take To Join?

The application process for the Academy has no prerequisites, it's all about creativity, problem-solving, logic, and perseverance - aspects that will be evaluated as part of the selection process.

Complete the registration

Fill in the application form and create your profile.

Take the test

Get through two online cognitive games that will require 2 hours of your undivided attention. Zero coding skills required, only logic and memory.


Our awesome features

Do Not Believe Us? Trust Your Fellow Astronauts!

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